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Xiaomi Razor Electric-Shaver Shaving Enchen Blackstone Washable Beard-Machine 3D Type-C

Xiaomi Razor Electric-Shaver Shaving Enchen Blackstone Washable Beard-Machine 3D Type-C

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Specification parameter

Product Name: Enchen Shaver
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 5V==
Charging time: 60 minutes
Net weight of product: 139 G

ENCHEN Shaver BlackStone

3D floating knife head, charged for 1 hour and lasted for 2 months, intelligent anti-clip beard.

Ultra-thin double-ring knife net, double efficiency, without stubble.

The knife net blade group is double-ring design, which greatly increases the contact area between the knife net and the face, double the shaving efficiency, special knife net ultra-thin technology, more thorough shaving.

ESM Intelligent Shaving System, "Super Brain" of Shaver.

5W high power, good experience power is very important.

The well-designed ESM smart shaving system delivers energy efficiency, with 5W of power, shaving fast, accurate and flawless. 67db low noise control (far below the EC international standard 75db), giving users a comfortable experience.

Intelligent anti-clip beard, the whole super-cool experience.

Intelligent anti-clip beard function is a part of ESM system. The shaver can keep the speed of the blade constant at low power and avoid the embarrassment of low speed beard clamping.

Charging for 1 hour, Use for 2 months.

BlackStone is fully charged in just one hour and can last up to 90 minutes. It is calculated on average 1.5 minutes per shave and can be used continuously for up to 2 months. Blackstone also supports plug-and-play, and when connected to the power supply, it can work immediately and continue to trim the beard.

Separate design, the knife head can be easily removed and washed.

BlackStone's knife head assembly and fuselage are separated design. When cleaning, the knife head cover can be pulled out and washed under the tap, washed, dried and inserted back into the fuselage. The operation is simple and effortless.

Automatic grinding blade, made of Japanese imported steel, the more sharp it is used.

The material of this cutter head net is made of Japanese imported steel, which is precisely fitted. When the razor is opened, the blade is automatically ground, which keeps the cutter head sharp and durable.

Ingenious details, meticulous.

*The intelligent charging system has anti-overcharge and circuit protection design. When the power is insufficient or the power is turned on, the red light will blink. When the battery is fully charged, the work light will be on. *Type-C USB charging interface, can share the charging line with the mobile phone; computer, charging treasure, USB socket, etc. can supply power. Daily use, travel, easy to carry. *The fuselage is made of Taiwan Qimei ABS shell material, and the head part is made of high performance PC injection moulded by Bayer, Germany. The fuselage is ingeniously made, tightly seamed and durable. * The back of the razor is provided with a pop-up sideburns knife, which is opened with one button.Convenient trimming of long beard, highlighting the charm of personality.

Disassembly tool head

One-button popping,Unplug the tool head,Plug in the fuselage.

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