About Us / Policies

Who is Outletster.com


Outletster.com is an E-Commerce marketplace designed for Designer Brands, Distributors, and Manufacturers, that will offer their products at a maximum of 20% profit margins.


Do Something Never Done!

With the customer in mind, and inflation on the rise, it is more important than ever to get the best products, at the best price.

We only work with Designers, Distributors and Manufacturers, that are willing to offer the newest best products and decrease their profit margins, so our customers can get the brands they love without paying high markups.

Outletster.com is a subsidiary of Royale Grand LLC. and is based in Las Vegas, NV.

We have warehouses as well as distribution partners like Amazon and Walmart that store products for the fastest delivery. Most Designer Brands are shipped directly from their warehouses in Italy.

Customer Support

Outletster is here for you 24/7.

Chat - Just click on the chat bubble for 24-7 live support.

Email - You can email our support team at support@royalegrand.com amd you will a response within 12 hours.

Phone - Call customer support at 1 -800-484-1206 7 days a week and leave voicemail. All calls returned at time you request.

Return Policy

Outletsters return policy is simple. It is 14 days from the time you recieve the items. You have 14 days from the time you get the items to change your mind for a full refund or exchange.

Groceries and some liquid items is not returnable as per distributors.

If you are not sure about an item or policy please reach out to us via 24/7 chat and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Outletster.com has partners and distribution centers in the US, Sweden, Italy and China.

Our order processing is 2 days. Delivery times are stated on items. These times are based on worse case scenerios coming from a warehouse not in your area and being send USPS.

In most cases you will recieve your items way before you expect them. In some cases as soon as 2-3 days after you order.

we offer free shipping on all orders and ship economy USPS for small packages and Ground UPS for large packages.


If you have any questions concerning shipping please reach out our our 24/7 customer service by clicking on the Chat button.

Transparent pricing and mark-up

At Ouletster.com, we don't think companies should be pricing their items up double or triple the cost.

Any designer, Wholesaler or distributor that sells on Outletster.com is required to mark all items up 15% to 20% above their cost and add shipping cost.

Then we add 5% for operations and marketing and that is your price plus tax on every single item.

Cost + 15% 20% + Shipping + 5% = Price

The days of over paying are done.

How To know if an item is a Retailer, Designer, or Factory Direct?

At Outletster.com we believe, customers should know who they are buying from, where it comes from, and know the mark up of what they are buying so they know they are getting the best deals.

To know if items are from the Designer, Vendor or Factory Direct you look at the pricing.

If an item ends in .99 or the Distributor shows Outletster.com it is an offer from the Factory that makes the item.

If an item ends in .98 it is an offer from the Designer like Ferragamo & Prada.

All other items will be from the retailer that has their outlet store on Outetster.com.